Beyond The Lights We Get A Glimpse Into A Singer 's Life At The Top Essay

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The experience of existing as a woman is a universal one, only experienced differently as discrete colors that separate one woman from the next. With these different colors, characterizations, of what it means to be a woman, it is however, easy, to find a plethora of shades between works that enlighten another meaning. In Gina Prince-Bythewood’s 2014 film, Beyond the Lights we get a glimpse into a singer’s life at the top, and in Josefina Lopez’s Real Women have Curves we get a glimpse into a group of hard working Hispanic women who work at the heart of Estela’s success, her factory, the Garcia Sewing Factory. Although life as a superstar is promised with complete riches and happiness, Noni shows the inaccuracy of that notion. On the other hand, life as newly legal residents in America living paycheck by paycheck is promised towards adversity and unhappiness, yet Estela and her family and friends prove that notion is not as accurate as the aforementioned notion. Through Noni’s mother, Kaz, and Kid Culprit, Noni becomes a presence in the music business, and through Estela’s mother, sister, and friends, Estela ultimately comes to own her own boutique. These two works are analogous in their exploration of the expectations from Noni and Estela’s mothers, and the influence of those who surround Noni and Estela have over their lives, but are different in the types of love that affect their drive in life. These similarities and differences are evident through the contrasting nature
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