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Beyond the Bean (Case A)

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Executive Summary

The company’s main objective is to introduce ‘; Beyond the bean’’ to the Canadian market in London Ontario on the Richmond road and open up a café for mainly students, to get together and serve as a recreational center. This will be possible through the café and/or by having a variety of board games for the public. The initial approach will be to gain a market share for leveling out the playing field and being a root competitor for similar types of businesses. In the external and internal analysis you will be able to find all the necessary information that will provide you with a generous overview of the company’s
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This can also refer to the demographical segmentation, because a person's lifestyle is determined by factors like age, gender and location.

“Beyond the Bean” has a very wide range of potential customers. It is appropriate for any lifestyle. Whether you are young of old, male or female, everyone needs entertainment and social interaction.

This type of segmentation is about the buying behavior of the consumers. In this case, it is about how people behave in terms of entertainment and social interaction.

This graph shows the size of the entertainment industry. It shows that, even in the economic crisis, the market still remained constant, which is very remarkable. This shows that entertainment is a must for people, and that they spend money on it, even when the economy is not at its best.

Customer Needs
Humans have various needs, physical, social and individual. They have the need to interact with others and to entertain themselves. "Beyond the Bean" offers these needs by providing people the opportunity to have a drink and/or to play games together.

Competitor Analysis
Greig and Peck have already done some research about who their competitors will be. They see Fleetway and Palasad North as their direct competitors and Tim Hortons, Starbucks and William's Coffee Pub as their indirect competitors.

A marketing strategy involves two key questions:

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