Beyond the Bean

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Beyond the Bean
- London, Ontario
- Complete the marketing plan
-gourmet coffee beverages and you can rent tables to play various games
The Venture
- No similar business in the area
- 60 000 each in start -up capital
- Near Richmond Row area of London
- Revenue generation: snacks, drinks, and rental fees for the tables
- Employees will have the knowledge to help understand game rules
- No wi-fi
- Games purchased second hand
- Limited selection of alcoholic beverages (beer and wine)  needs liquor license ( cost $ 1055) o Insurance premium increase, staff training, liabilities
- 11 am to 11 pm weekdays and until midnight on weekends
- A few months later hopefully they could hire additional staff
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– how to get them to try the café
- Should break even around that time
- Content and message?
Web and FB pages – no planned paid advertising, free word of mouth , ‘like’ button
The Western Gazette- published every weekday except Monday, 11 000 copies made, distributed free of charge, view online, offering discount coupons in the publication
Fanshawe Interrobang-weekly newspaper, 3 000 copies
London Free Press- major local newspaper, published 6 days each week, 245 000 readers and 80 000 new hits

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