Beyond the Blue Event Horizon

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The novel Beyond the Blue Event Horizon is the sequel to Frederik Pohl’s Nebula Award winning novel, Gateway. Without prior knowledge of the first book’s plot, the sequel is extremely hard to read and get into. The story starts on a ship somewhere in space with a mysterious boy named Wan. On a different ship, the Herter-Halls company is making a journey to the Food Factory since there was a shortage on Earth. As the book progresses, the two ships meet up, and they meet an alien race. The aliens imprison the Herter-Halls company. The book’s characters, plot, and setting help make this book interesting and directional. The characters in this book are, for the most part, resilient and knowledge hungry. According to Pohl, the future is going…show more content…
Events in the story are realistic, even though it is a science fiction novel. One of the events is a discovery of the Heechee race’s true technology. What used to be considered “prayer fans” turned out to be Heechee books. The discovery of these books is an unexpected turn of events leading to the possibility of the completion of Robin’s goal. The plot turned most exciting when the humans were captured because there was no way to tell what would happen next. Throughout this event, it is hard to tell whether the humans would escape or whether they would be stuck for eternity. This unpredictability kept the plot moving and turned the book into a page-turner. However, without the setting of the story, the plot wouldn’t be as interesting as it is. The imaginative setting helps set a scene for the book to be based on. In different perspectives, the future is a strange and wonderful place with many differences from person to person. Since the book takes place in the future, this book provides a new insight into what might be what the universe might experience. This imaginative property keeps the reader thinking about his own futuristic thoughts. While reading the book, one might imagine the Food Factory as a rusty spaceship that has many interesting tools for helping anyone. The setting isn’t described thoroughly, which leaves a lot of room for imagination and creativity in different people. Other possible pictures of the factory might include a glowing, shiny
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