Beyond the Game: Benefits of High School Football Essay

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Living in this world is a constantly changing affair. 30 years ago everyone knew everyone and the young respected the old. Parents would greatly exaggerate how difficult their life was as a kid and how easy we have it now. Each generation has a new story to tell. However, one element that does not change from generation to generation is high school football. Regardless of age, the effect football has had on youth is constantly rewarding. Although opposing convictions may elucidate the barbaric nature of football, the sport is adequately composed of beneficial elements. Therefore, youth should play football in order to experience the positive benefits.
Physical health improves one’s abilities on the field and beyond. Developing
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Children play games because they are fun. A 5 year old doesn’t think about the benefits received from playing. As parents though, one can see a child grow, become more mature, and develop the ability to process information through playing. Playing with someone for fun is facile. But what happens when playing with someone is not fun? A person may not always have the option to just walk away and not play with that person anymore. During football, especially high school football, one will encounter situations that make coexistence onerous with another person on the field. When this situation occurs, one must let mental maturity take over and allow their true character to shine. Heywood Broun, sportswriter and founder of The Newspaper Guild, said, “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” (qtd. in DeRoche 1). As people move into adulthood, they encounter situations requiring their undivided attention. Having a clear head or good mental health will assist in providing that attention. When one experiences stress or difficulties the mental fortitude is challenged. If too much stress is encountered at once then that stress can and will affect the mental health of an individual. Football players, such as, Wade for example, has encountered situations in adulthood requiring him to choose his words and actions carefully. His character and mental health was demonstrated through is actions. Football provides the exercises needed to reveal that character. Lou

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