Bezos : Amazon 's Leadership

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While the leader of Amazon, Jeff Bezos’s focus is customer value, he shares this knowledge and skills to other leaders and other employees. Jeff Bezos shares his vision of his management team leaders, which includes solid training for customer value proposition. Jeff Bezos shares his believes of listening and understanding the customer’s needs/want is critical to the organization’s success. “…the incentive here is for managers to immediately be placed in the mindset that Amazon’s philosophy is about listening, and most importantly, understanding the customer.” (Baldacci, 2013) Amazon’s leader Jeff Bezos is aware that customer value is the key to the organization’s success. In order to sell the company’s product/service, it is very…show more content…
Lastly, before deciding to choose an employee, Amazon’s management request applicant to provide basic requirement depending on the job position. (Ricketts, 2015) For example, Amazon’s management will ask the applicant to take test on coding and more. Amazon believes asking the applicant to take certain test, in order to prove the applicant’s qualification. It is very important for an organization to identify the applicant’s skills and experience before hiring any applicant. Hiring the best applicant will also ensure the company’s success. IV – Stakeholders and Recommendations Stakeholders plays a significant role in today’s organization. “Stakeholders include any person, group or organization that has an interest in the activities and affairs of a company.” (Kokemuller, 2016) Stakeholders can also include people inside and outside of the organization. Some example of stakeholders includes employees, customers and suppliers. An external stakeholder such as the organization’s employees plays a significant role in customer value proposition. It is very important that for the organization to care for their employees as much as they care for their customers. Additionally, showing commitment to employee’s needs/want is also just as important as showing commitment to customers. “The notion is that if you take care of your
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