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Burrhus Frederic Skinner the Theorist Behaviorism is the branch of psychology associated today with numerous psychologists but one of the most prominent behavioral psychologists of all time, B.F. Skinner really taught people that any behavior is usually immediately affected by its consequences. I having a young child I have seen Skinners theories work in many different facets during my short stint of being a parent. Skinner is a theorist who made his reputation by studying how an individual's behavior might change by responding to his/her environment. The great Skinner wrote "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten",(Skinner, 1964) thus basically meaning that most over and over again behaviors we as…show more content…
His most commonly known product was his use of "Skinners Box",( Kerry W. Buckley,1989) This box contraption was used as an study aide for most of his research that I discussed above. Skinners Box showed how one's behavior is changed due to there charted research, either via special rewards and/or unexpected punishment. This contraption "Skinners Box" was basically a small box that a rat or another small animal was put into to be viewed during research. As the animal went through many different scientific test, it would receive rewards and punishments, such as food pellets /or electric shock, in response to the choice of the animal's actions. All of these actions were documented and studied providing us with many of Skinners behavioral processes such as schedules of reinforcement, shaping and aversive stimuli. All of these methods are still found to be used in one way or another by therapists today. In mental institutions and prisons therapist often still use Skinners ideas to break criminal patterns or mental issues. In the prison system if you do good you are rewarded with points or tokens, these tokens are used to buy you the necessary things in order to survive, the downside if you mess up these same tokens or points are taken away from you making it difficult to survive in the volatile environment. Unfortunately these methods are looked for by the same institution members once outside and the everyday world doesn't provide these same opportunities.

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