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Theme #2
The BGC is a microcosm of children from various backgrounds. Regardless of background, however, children are always being influenced by the media and consumer culture found in their everyday lives. Interpretive Reproduction, through the context of the media, has a profound effect on how they interact with others. A sense of belonging is absent when one is not a part of the massive wave of media influence. The incredible diversity of media content fosters an environment for a vast breadth of complexity in how peer cultures are able to manifest. The main commonality I found present in my field notes is the influence of the internet on peer cultures. Children appropriate knowledge from the internet as a media source, and use this information as common ground to effectively interact with one another.
One instance of this can be found in my 2nd field note. In it, I describe a situation in which the children around me talk about Stampy Cat. Some background information deserves to be provided to the situation, however. Stampy Cat has over seven million subscribers on youtube. Clearly, many children find this youtuber to be both entertaining and
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An example of this is when the blonde-haired boy stole the red basketball from the smaller boy. I am certain that he interpreted the rules of a real life basketball game, and applied them to everyday life. By saying “but that’s how the real game is played”, he thought his actions were justified. He was not trying to be mean, per se, but rather he was trying to reproduce the knowledge he learned from the game itself. He knew that, in the context of a game like basketball, theft is both acceptable and encouraged when the other team has the ball. However, the same cannot be said in regards to real life scenarios. Thus, the child perceived me to be an authority figure, and acted upon my command when given to
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