Bhabha's Contribution to Postcolonial Theory Essay

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Colonialism is and has been a reality during previous centuries. As a political and economical reality it entailed significant consequences in the colonized country's politics, geographical maps, and people's lives, fates and temperaments. As the consequences are hard to ignore the writers of the formerly colonized countries never forgot to write about it and their people's lives before, during and after their country's colonization. As Emecheta is one of these writer who is born and brought up in Nigeria, a colony of British Empire until 1960, postcolonial approach is one of the most appropriate critical methods to deal with her narratives. Besides, since she is focusing on women in the colonial and postcolonial setting trying to…show more content…
Spivak believes that the Western World's master world's master are catachreses, or improper words, because they claim to represent all women, all workers and all of the proletariat, when there are no "true" examples of the "true workers", the "true women", the "true proletariat". Indeed, for Spivak, the singularity of each of the disempowered people she engages with tests the limits of the dominant narratives. Among the disempowered Spivak's analysis is basically directed at the subject-position of the female subaltern, whom she describes as doubly marginalized by virtue of relative economic disadvantage and gender subordination. Further to deal with the social position of the Third World women Spivak also shifted the focus of essentialist debate from a concern with sexual differences between men and women to focus on cultural differences between women in the "Third World" and women in the "First World". She also proposes the idea of strategic essentialism and believes that for minority groups, in particular, the use of essentialism as a short-term strategy to affirm political identity can be effective, as long as this identity does not get fixed as an essential category by the dominant group. Chandra Talpade Mohanty in her key text Under Western Eyes deals with the issues of postcolonial feminism and

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