Bhachevsky Case Study

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May is recognized as Asian American and Pacific Islander month and this year staff collaborated to create an exhibit in the Bohachevsky Gallery of female outfits from Asia and the Pacific. Thanks to the contributions of Laura Calub, Daena Hall, Winnie Ho, Delphine Olson, Mai Nguyen, Rebecca Rios, Chaya Satish, and Pisey Var we were able to display 13 different outfits. Latha Anand, Anitha Purushothaman, and Vaidhehi Sridhar also had outfits to contribute. The places represented in the exhibit are Cambodia, China, Hawaii, India, Japan, Pakistan and the Philippines. Assembling the exhibit required steel cable cutting, drilling, sawing and crimping (no outfits were hurt!).PIO prepared the print materials for the gallery. If you are interested
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