Bharati Mukherjee 's Differences Between Her And Her Sister

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Many people have different experiences with moving to different places, whether it’s to a new country or just another state. In the essay, “Two Ways to Belong to America”, Bharati Mukherjee shares a story of the differences between her and her sister’s experiences of immigration. Both sisters were born in Calcutta, India and moved to the United States in the 1960s in search of education and work. Bharati’s story of her and her sister can speak for many immigrants, especially mine. Immigration can be a distressing process to go through, and seeing immigration up close and personal with my grandparents and parents experience, also with my own experience. Both sister experiences are representative to my family’s experiences, almost parallel with Bharati’s love for the country as my mother and aunt are, and Mira’s dislike for the country as my grandparents were. Agreeing with Mukherjee, immigrants can either like the country or dislike the country they move to. It depends on how the specific person adapts. Liking the country, means accepting the culture and adapting to the new life they intended to. Everyone is different, the experience is based on how they perceive the country’s culture and attitude. Disliking a country from the immigrant’s perspective means they are in the country for specific reasons, other than to live their life as wanted. For example, financial reasons, not adapting, homesickness, obtaining an education, and simply going back to their country; that is
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