Bharati Mukherjee 's Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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Have you ever wondered how powerful culture can be and how can it affect you?
Well culture is very powerful,it affects our living standards and how we view the world . Our surroundings that we grew up with such as family, is the source on why we adapt beliefs ,languages ,food,aesthetics and ethnicity.In the novel,”Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, shows the conflict between a mother-daughter relationship in which the mother forces her daughter into activities so she can have an American dream.In the short story,”By Any Other Name”by Santha Ramu Rau refutes that two girls name shouldn’t matter and ethnicity shouldn’t be the reason why people should mistreat them. Bharati Mukherjee’s personal essay,”Two ways to belong in America “ is about two sisters
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sobbed Jing-Mei(Tans Stanza 66).”Only two Kinds of daughters,those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!” shouted Suyuan Woo ,which was the cause of the title of the novel “Two Kinds”(Tans Stanza 67).Jing-Mei shouted back “Then I wish I weren’t your daughter,I wish you weren’t my mother” which made her feel good that at last she showed this side of her.She felted the disappointment of her mother especially on how she failed her many times ,but she didn’t believe she can be anything she wanted to be ,but can only be herself. This goes against her mother 's belief on how she can become anything she wanted to be in America ,but the daughter wants to go her own way. The two sisters,Premila and Santha in the short story “By Any Other Name” shows on how people in their new school would mistreated them due to their ethnicity. Both Premila and Santha went to a Anglo-Indian day school in Zorinabad where a teacher decided to changed their names to Pamela and Cynthia. Pamela was Premila and Cynthia was Santha ,the teacher decided to change their names because they were too difficult for her to pronounce.The Indian children sat in the back of the classroom and the

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