Bheetoven's Moonlight Sonata

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I am a musician and composer. My work allows me as an artist to use music as an inherent and universal means of communication to invoke my audience in a period of time on an emotional level. I choose music because I feel an image can be interpreted in a plethora of ways while music generally elicits a unanimous emotion that convey a theme instead of being restricted to one central focus. Bheetoven’s, Moonlight Sonata was written for a Countess Giulietta Guicciard whose beauty he said, reflected that of the moon. The musical composition envokes a sense of elegance and imperfection. Like that of an image of nature in a glass of water one could conclude deduce that Bheeetoven’s composition invoked beauty in both its radiance and imperfections.…show more content…
The work limits the artist’s amassed idea of possibility by originating its work to that of a man widely known during its time. This deprives the audience of feeling capable of offering anything to the work other than their presence and opinion instead of physically enabling them to utilize the work to create a work of their own. Rock Garden, by Ryoan-Ji in Kyoto Japan is a physical structure of worship and tranquility while my work is formless and takes on the form of the sounds in which it produces. This is why the Rock Garden and my own music are similar. Both the Rock Garden and my piano have a predetermined perception of how they are to serve humanity. The two don’t serve as a tool with instructions but, canvasses that are absent of guidelines. One could just as easily use the Rock Garden to conduct exercise as one could use my piano for a headrest. The Rock Garden and my own work offer humanity only suggestions to how they may be used but not instructions on how one is to use them and in doing so offer a sense of piece to those who use them…being able to utilize the beauty in their hearts not within a realm of limitation but, in a realm with none at
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