Bhopal Disaster: Causes and Effects

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Bhopal Disaster: Causes and Effects By Daniel Olufemi December 2-3, 1984, the world witnessed an industrial catastrophe that claimed hundreds of thousand of lives, also living a huge army of victims with assortment of permanent disabilities. Newsmagazines, newspapers and newswires across the globe literally competed among themselves with screaming headlines to depict the disaster. The Time Magazine described it as The Night of death. The site of the incident was the pesticide plant of the Union Carbide India Limited in Bhopal and the adjoining communities in India where a sudden leak of more than 40 tons of methyl isocyanate from the plant had led to the staggering. According to news reports, workers got the warning signal of…show more content…
However, none of these mechanisms worked because the deterioration of safety values at the plant, which was generally, speculated the management had turned a blind sight for months. The technical report by the Program Development Board, American Public Health Association (APHA) corroborates that the management failed to uphold standard operating practices and engineering controls, in addition to poor workers training, lack of communication and surveillance. Notably, the Bhopal disaster may have been less devastating had there been citizen education. Perhaps many victims may have been alive today if they were advised during the disaster to breathe through wet towels. Regrettably, even today newborns with birth defects are being born by parents who were exposed to the gas leakage. The birth defects include cleft lips, missing palates, twisted limbs and various degrees of brain damage. Apart from the genetic deformities, many survivors are battling with cancer and congenital health problems, as well as painful premature fatalities. The Bhopal disaster was a great lesson to the world in industrial safety indicating a need for enforceable international standards for environmental safety, preventative strategies to avoid similar accidents and industrial disaster preparedness. This was particular instructive to the United States which immediately initiated assortment of policies in industrial safety following the disaster. This includes the Hazard

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