Bhopal Gas Tragedy - Who Is Responsible?

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Who is responsible? It was a normal day in Bhopal – the heart of India. Fathers coming back from work, mothers cooking dinner for the family, some kids studying and most playing out in the gallis (small streets in India). After dinner they all go into their world of dreams. Kids dreaming of their games the next day, pregnant ladies dreaming of the fast approaching days when their babies would be born into this world, worker fathers dreaming of saving more money for their kids’ secure futures. What happened in the midst of that night is beyond anybody’s imagination. A poisonous gas leaked from a pesticide factory and covered the whole city in its thick blanket of deadly gas. For many who slept that night, they never saw another morning. You think that is bad? For a lot many who escaped death met with an even more pathetic future when they were crippled for life – some went blind, some had major skin and lung diseases and many had genetic deformation. And that’s not even the worst. Even thirty years after the incident, people are still facing the consequences of the gas leak. Many babies born suffer from genetic disorders if at all they are not still born. God knows up to what generation this is going to continue. It was around 1 am on the 3rd of December, 1986 that the world’s worst industrial disaster took place – now popularly known as the Bhopal Gas Tragedy – which “officially” killed more than 4,000 people and injured more than 500,000

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