Bhutan 's Gross National Happiness

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Bhutan 's gross national happiness If you don 't know about Bhutan 's government and their focus over the past forty years than you should, you and people in your community might want to take a closer look at this small country and how it is impacting the world. Bhutan is a small country located in the himalayas between China and India and is one of the happiest countries in the world because the government has focused on following the four pillars of happiness. Each pillar supports and helps to provide the right environment for happiness, these pillars are compatible living conditions, religion, maintaining the environment, and reliable government support. Bhutan 's government has decided to take this radical approach, helping its citizens by trying to improve the nation 's gross national happiness. Bhutan has stayed relatively poor in wealth but rich in culture and happiness. Only recently has Bhutan started building cities and roads but the country is careful not to jump into an industrial revolution like many countries already have. Bhutan has been careful to slowly bring western culture and technology into their country hoping to preserve their culture and lifestyle. Although Bhutan can only give an estimate on their population most people still live in small villages and rely use sustenance farming, and only recently have they made small cities for people to come to. According to the Asian Development Bank Bhutan small economy results in “On average, food accounts

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