Bi-Weekly ILP Report Sample

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Late Entry On 8/12/2016, CM met with the client to complete Bi-Weekly ILP Review. In the meeting CM observed that the client was wearing the same clothes from last session. She was hostile in the meeting. Client was wearing a yellow skirt and black blouse. Client was wearing summer hat, reading glasses and a mask covering her nose and mouth. CM also observed client had foul body odors. During the interview session client continues to be loquacious complaining that “People are out to get client and how residents are using Marijuana on her foot. Client continues to reports some of the residents here at the shelter are part of the “Russian Mafia” and when they used Marijuana on both leg it triggered the open wound ulcer and it cause it to discharge foul odor. SOCIAL UPDATE: Today client was hostile because residents will not approach her or have the client join the conversation due foul odor from the open wound ulcer. CM mention to the client why Wyckoff Hospital decided to have the client come to the Open Wound Clinic 1x a week instead of 2x a week. Client with a hostile tone of voice stated because she doesn’t need it. She continues to report as soon as the doctor fix her leg, Russian Mafia will come and destroyed it. Client also requested for CM to contact the Persecutor, Channel 7 and National Security that have all…show more content…
Client was scheduled for a Mental Health Assessment at Woodhull Hospital on 8/9/2016. Client reported she didn’t go because she doesn’t need. Client continues to report if the Mental Health Counselor at Woodhull Hospital need to contact her and tell her why she need to be seeing and to show documents. CM explain to the client since she saw the onsite psychiatrist doctor, that the doctor referred her for mental health counseling. Client agreed and another appointment is scheduled for
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