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Bipolar is a complex physiological and psychological disorder that can impact and control a person 's thinking and activity in their daily life. The name Bipolar or manic depressive illness refers to the fact that the person who suffers from the disease goes from one extreme of mania to one of depression. As I was growing up, I had an anger problem. When I was about 11 or 12, my mom and I got into a huge fight. She was talking to me very calmly and telling me over and over that she loved me. While I was screaming and yelling back at her “ I hate you”. It wasn 't until last year that I realized my outbursts, or manic episodes that I was having was not normal. As I was always paranoid, even about the smallest things. When I…show more content…
The other side of bipolar is being depressed. A nineteenth century psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelin summarized what the depressive side of bipolar is. “The patients heart is heavy, nothing can permanently rouse his interest, nothing gives him pleasure. He has no longer any humour or any religious feeling- he is unsatisfied with himself, has become indifferent to his relatives and to whatever he formerly liked best. Gloomy thoughts arise, his past and even his future appear to him in a uniformly dim light”. (Emil Kraepelin) Feeling guilty, worthless and helpless is very common with this disorder. In worst cases some patients have suicidal thoughts on a consistent basis. About 25% of patients attempt suicide and 10% succeed their attempt of suicide. As for others, they don 't have the ability to enjoy life. Some female patients lose the feeling of beauty. Their appetite changes, they either eat more or they eat less. Therefore they will either gain a lot of weight or they will lose weight. Their physical changes they see can affect their emotions negatively. Constant aches and pains are caused by chronic depression, allthough this tends to happen earlier in the disease. Mania and depression are frequently known as psychosis, which is commonly described as, when somebody loses their firm hold on real life. Some witness symptoms such as happiness and unhappiness, but do not stray away from reality. Others can have hallucinations that
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