Biases From the Enlightenment Period

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Biases From the Enlightenment Period

Abstract All three dominant subjects: mind, men, and standard literature, not only share dominance, but also relate to the fact that their roles are clearly shown in the schools of our society. Schools exercise the brain, boys are pushed harder and expected to do better in school, while canonic literature haunts students throughout their English classes. The body, women, and horrific literature take a back seat to their counterparts, but still fight to have their voices heard. All of the roles and ranks come from biases; maybe the biases come from insecurities of men who fear the loss of control. They definitely come from the biases routed in the Enlightenment period,
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"The increasing ability to reason, to abstract, and o inspect the nature of the real world around us is one of the key features of the Western thought and civilization, and the cornerstone of science, which is in turn the cornerstone of technology. If humankind loses the ability to hold rational beliefs, society will degenerate into a mass of reactionary, primitive bipeds."

These quotes only echo the beliefs held by our society in the supremacy of reason and the mind over emotion and the body. Our schools' primary function is to train the brain, while ignoring the training of our bodies and our emotions. Each student may take one physical education class for the body and maybe one creative class for the emotions, but this does not compare to the other four or five classes he takes a day to further his brain. The trends of our society clearly show that our society strives for dominance of the mind over the body.

Another dominant trend of modern American society is that of the man over the woman. Men represent the mind and are thought to be more logical, while women represent the body and are thought of as being unable to control their emotions. Visual media follows this symbol of the body by showing only parts of women's bodies in ads and movies, thus
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