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February 15, 2015
Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project


The book of Genesis is one of the better-known books of the Bible. Not only is it the first book of the Bible it is also the first documentation of our existence. The book was originally written in Hebrew with the title of bereshit, which means “in the beginning.” ( While the author of Genesis is never actually named, it is believed that Moses wrote the book of Genesis. In Acts 7:22 Luke recaps that Moses was trained in the “wisdom of the Egyptians” and was the only one who was prepared to integrate and understand the manuscripts and oral narratives in the Pentateuch. Only Moses was qualified enough to be given the task of writing Israel’s
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The sea is known for its violent storms because of the difference in temperatures. Hills and mountains that reach nearly 2,000 feet high on the east side bound the sea. Another contributing factor to the storms is that the Sea of Galilee is only about 200 feet at its deepest, which causes the wind to create violent waves. The Sea of Galilee is where Jesus performed many of His miracles. Four of apostles-Peter, Andrew, James, and John came to Jesus after he stilled a ragging storm; this is also, where Jesus and Peter walked on water. The Sea of Galilee also is the backdrop for feeding 5,000 people with only a loaf of bread and two fish. This is also, where Mary of Magdala was from. The Sea of Galilee is present throughout the Bible it is referenced in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Number, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and 1 Kings.

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