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Biblical Worldview Introduction Paul addresses several issues that can been seen in today’s society. Taking from the scriptures we can see that Paul’s understanding of God’s plan for his people is very clear. If we look at how our own lives we can relate to these eight chapters in Romans that we can see they have just as much meaning in Paul’s time as they do today. The letters that Paul writes to the Roman’s seems they are harsh, but if we look at them closer we can see it is God’s plan given to Paul for his people to follow. The Natural World Paul states mankind can easily know the nature and attributes of God from looking at the natural world. God’s eternal power and divine nature are clearly expressed to man through his creation…show more content…
Paul expresses an equality of human beings as those he equally owes a duty and a debt to preach the gospel. As mentioned before, some cultures of mankind arose from the refusal to glorify and acknowledge God with purity and righteousness. As a result, they developed cultures of darkness, shamefulness, and foolishness. Furthermore, such cultures of humanity caused their people to lose moral attributes and to grow wicked, selfish, and cruel (Romans 1). As mentioned before, some cultures of men were said by Paul to show that men have an inherent instinct for what is in the Law of God. Paul stated that when such cultures do by instinct what is contained in the Law, they are a law unto themselves without having the written Law. They show that the Law is written in their hearts and consciences. This phenomenon reinforces Paul’s stance that mankind is without excuse because the nature of God is clearly understood by looking at His creation (Romans 2). Conclusion Looking at our personal lives we can see that he bible relates to us today just as it did when Paul wrote the letters to the Romans. God inspired Paul to share his plan to his people, so that Christians can be examples of what God’s love and plan for us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Christian’s need to accept the demands that our creator gave us to be ready for his return. The world has temptations that causes us to fall, but giving God the honor and glory he

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