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Module 2 Christ – The Savior Outline I. Seeker of Truth (3:1–21) A. Nicodemus 1. A Greek name, __common among Jewish people_____. 2. Nick – ___victory______ and demos – ____people_____. 3. He was a ruler of the Sanhedrin, archon, not one of the priests but a Pharisee. He was a LAY leader. 4. Talmud says he was one of the __four richest men_ in Jerusalem and later became a disciple of Jesus. 5. According to Hoskyns, he was a member of the same aristocratic family that had furnished Aristobulus with his ambassador to Pompey in b.c. 63. 6. His son apparently was the man…show more content…
b) Symbol of __pardon____ – pardon and sanctification is a sacramental view. c) Symbol of ___Holy Spirit___ – Calvin – Jewish parallelism, Jesus was repeating himself. Kai means even. d) Baptism of ___John unto repentance______. e) Symbol of the __word of God____ – Scofield Bible – water of the word from Eph. 5. The water of the word is the ___instrument of regeneration_____ and the Spirit is the ___agent of regeneration____. f) Breaking of the____water sac at birth___ – a parallel of natural birth and spiritual birth. First birth with water, second birth with the Holy Spirit. *** g) Symbol of __law____ – preach the law until they see themselves as lost, then preach grace to get them saved. 2. Verse 8 – wind a) It could be __natural wind___. b) It could be the____Holy Spirit___. c) It could be ___second birth_____. 3. Verse 8 could be the wind blows where it wants to and you cannot tell when a person is saved. You cannot see salvation on the outside but supernatural work is going on in the inside. The wind is like the second birth. 4.

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