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Michel Smith Chapter Ass.1 1. Describe the five steps of the Interpretive Journey. 1) Grasp the text in their town. (Read the text carefully and observe. Try to see as much as possible in the text. Look, look, and look again, observing all that you can. Scrutinize the grammar and analyze all significant words. Study the historical and literary contexts. Write out what the passage meant for the biblical audience using past tense verbs and refer to the biblical audience.)p.42 2) Measure the width of the river to the cross. (differences in culture, language, situation, time, and covenant)(You will take a good hard look at the river and determine just how wide it is for the passage you are studying and look for differences…show more content…
Repetitions-for, where, wisdom, world, God, foolishness, Jews, human, of, the, is, Greeks, who, it, I, will Contrast- Comparisons- Lists- Cause and effect- Figures of speech- Conjunctions-for, but, and, Verbs- Pronouns- Questions and answers- Dialogue- Means- Purpose/results statements- General to specific and specific to general- Conditional clauses- Actions/roles of God- Actions/roles of people- Emotional terms-God was (pleased) through the foolishness of what was preached Tone of the passage- - A5-2 Look at the two stories and list as many direct comparisons and contrasts between the two as you can find. Jairus Bleeding woman Man woman Goes to Jesus for help publicly goes to Jesus for help privately For his daughter for herself He was a known leader she was an unknown woman He had

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