Bible Doctrine

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THEO 104 Reading Question Answer Sheet
Week 6

I. Christianity is a Practical Religion Student Answer Column
Instructions to Student:
Write your answers in this column. They will be in blue.
The cell will expand as you type.

What Christianity is All About (textbook): Chapter 10
1. What is the relationship to works and salvation? Salvation is by grace through faith and good works are a result of a relationship with Christ. A faith without works is not genuine.
2. Why do Christians do good works? To practically display the love of God.
II. Christianity is a Movement that Transforms Culture
A. What Christianity is All About (textbook): Chapter 11
1. When did Christianity become Rome’s national religion? AD 313
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3. What was the lecturer’s point concerning Groaninzin’s disease?
4. Why does the lecturer suggest that when sharing our faith we should start with the natural and then go to the spiritual? Start in the natural to create a conversational, safe and friendly environment. Then go to a Spiritual conversation. Don’t shock and offend. Be gentle.
5. According to the lecture what did John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Wesley and Charles Spurgeon have in common in the gospel message? They taught grace
6. What does the lecturer suggest NOT to preach in the gospel message? Fire and brimstone
7. What were your overall thoughts on the lecture? It was good. A bit long
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