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Master Guides Summaries Desire of Ages Summary – Christopher Pennerman The book The Desire of Ages was a book about the life and death of Jesus Christ written by Ellen G. White. It contains 87 chapters in total. Chapter 1 “God With Us”, talks about The Father and Son covenanted‖ together to save fallen mankind, and answers the question was their plan conceived before or after the fall of man. It then goes on to talk about the importance that Christ had in becoming human. Next in chapter 2 “The Chosen People”, is based on Genesis 12:1-3, where it talks about Israel failing to be a blessing to the nations. It then goes on to explain about how you can be a blessing to your community. Chapters 10-12 go on to talk about Christ Baptism…show more content…
Our human nature does not help us either on this question because we are naturally curious and we always want to know the answers for everything. Therefore, we have to help those who do not understand this concept and explain to them that there will be a day when we will have all the answers to our questions and that our human minds are too simple to comprehend the complexity of our Lord. The first chapter of the book, "God's Love for Man” was written to show us the quality of God's love. It illustrates the inclusiveness and the acceptance presented to us by God and how we can just look around us and to the nature that surrounds us to understand a little more about God and his mercy. The first step of knowing God is to understanding His love for you personally. God demonstrates His love by providing your needs in ways that steer you toward salvation. Not a blade of grass, fruit or vegetable can grow without receiving life from God. All this He does for you. Though He cursed the earth for man’s sake, God again and again shows He is trustworthy, and that He desires an intimate relationship with you. Satan, on the other hand, has done his best to represent God as a vicious tyrant awaiting His first opportunity to destroy anyone who even slightly strays from God’s path. Christ came not only to save you and me but to show the Father’s true character, which exposes Satan’s lies. God's and Jesus' characters are the
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