Bible Study: Lessons Learnt from Job Suffering

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Job's suffering Job and his friends were not aware that his (Job) suffering was inflicted by the devil who sought permission from the Lord to test the faithfulness of Job towards God. After Job suffered the loss of all his children and possession as well as well as being afflicted with sores all over his body, his friends Zophar, Bildad and Eliphaz sought to find meaning as to why all this occurrences. They tried to explain that it was because of sin that God punished man; this being a key argument of the law as written in Deuteronomy 28, wisdom literature in Psalms 37; 92; Proverbs 10:27-30 and Old Testament prophecies and that this could have been the case with Job. On the other hand, Job who had a strong belief on the justice of God accused God of injustice in the sense that He (God) was not adhering to his own rule considering Job believed that he has been faithful to God and has been careful to avoid any kind of evil. Such complaints against God's indifferences to evil can be found in Jeremiah 12:14; Habakkuk 1:2-4, some psalms and Ecclesiastes. Just like the psalmist, Job had hope however that Justice will prevail; Job 19:25(For I know that my redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on earth; NKJV) Its at this point in time that all the complaining and murmuring came to an end. In Job 38, the Lord responds to Job's questions in verse 1-3 by convincing him to answer to his ignorance concerning the wisdom of God and his weaknesses in relation to the creation of the

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