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God is a word sent forth without the support of God’s will; hence, revealing the individuals position; a place outside of God’s government. This is important to understand because it is by the Word of God being spoken and properly exercised in your life that will prepare you for the great things the Lord has in store for you. Not one ounce, portion, or part of the Word of God can be omitted if the individual is to walk in harmony with the Lord. As you adhere to the rudiments of fundamental Biblical principles, which are God’s Word, the flesh (the carnal nature of man) is then securely placed under subjection to the kingdom governmental order of God’s will. Note: submission unto the will of God means death unto the flesh, which is…show more content…
The natural, earthly realm is normal unto the average, normal thinking individual, but unto the peculiar people of God, the average, normal, earthly thinking individual is the one who is abnormal. Peculiar people of God experience heavenly transcendent dealings by way of the mind of God; whereby, they think of doing things like God; purposing in their heart to please Him. To the peculiar people of God, the reality of the natural realm and its common earthly dealings are not absolutely normal; for they neither solely depend upon natural means and resources, but they absolutely rely upon God, who is the source of all things that exist. Peculiar people of God know that everything earthly germinated from the spirit realm; by the spoken Word of God. There is no race of people upon the face of the entire earth that has been given the identity or the title “peculiar” in the Bible, except for God’s offspring. Not just anyone has the right to claim the title peculiar; only the offspring of God who are realm children, born of the Spirit, can declare themselves “peculiar”. As indicated in the Bible, the word peculiar is only mentioned seven times and out of the seven times, six of the Scriptures refer to God’s people as being peculiar, Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 14:2; 26:18; Psalms 135:4. Let us examine the Hebrew and Greek words that correspond with the English word, peculiar. The Hebrew word cegullah for peculiar,
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