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Bible in an Hour Summary The Bible in an Hour by Wade Butler splits the Bible up with four different charts. They all cover different parts of the bible. The first chart depicts the whole Bible from beginning to end. Charts two and three covers the themes of the Old Testament. Chart four covers the New Testament. In chart one, the narrator starts off with talking about the infinity sign. It is very important when talking about the Bible and God. Infinity means that God creates time and all who inhabits time out of infinity. The infinity image is there before the creation of the world. There is also three interlocking circles on the chart. They represent the three symbols of God; the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. The narrator…show more content…
God promised Abram three promises which the narrator repeated several times. It is important to know to understand the rest of the bible. The first promise was that Arbam would have a great nation. The second promise to Abram was that the lad he was standing on would be for him and his people and family. The final promise was that God would bless the whole earth through one of his descendants. God created a covenant with Abram and renamed him Abraham. This was a patron covenant. It is a covenant that solely depends on God and does not rely on others. There are three types of contracts seen in the bible. The first one is the patron contract. We see this between God and Abram. It is where the greater and more powerful gives to the lesser. The second contract is the suzerainty contract. The is where the powerful and lesser make a contract between each other. The powerful is the one in charge of the agreement. The last contract seen in the bible is a parody contract. It is where both parties of the contract are considered equal. Wade Butlers states that the rest of the bible is about one man’s family, which is Abraham. It is about how God kept his three promises that he made. There are many obstacles that the family goes through, but the stories show how God never disappoints his people. In the end he fulfills his three promises. Begat is an important word for this portion of the bible. Abraham begat Isaac. Isaac begat Jacob who struggles with God and his new
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