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Decent Essays {God did sky-talk each Word inn this Bible Code tip} For now, you may begin with Matthew Chapter 22 verse 30. I approve of your giving some background on the questioning and that extends a sermon as such, which is acceptable. Ask yourself, why, the hell, did I not create everyone as angels out the gate? {each human was made due unto their wicked heart} Bringing up such a topic as a response to some types of questions about which sins have you committed, and so forth, is a simple way to preach the gospel. {Jesus did sky…show more content…
I told those evil religious people that everyone will be like an angel, which equates to a spirit in heaven or hell forever. By the Way, flesh and bones will not inherit My Kingdom: Those in heaven have neither penises made of flesh, nor vaginas made of flesh, nor any kind of bodies made of flesh, yet they have illusory spiritual bodies in which they dwell. The purposes of penises are so that men may urinate and ejaculate, and so on, of course, and the vaginas, which women have, likewise are useful. It is obvious to Me and several others that I bypassed shooting out from a penis. Notwithstanding, everyone else experienced exiting a man while they were in sperm form. You may wonder why I did not shoot into Mary by natural, standard means. It was a miracle is not the only factor. Mortal sin entered the earth because of Adam's and Eve's sins, and I have always been aware that all who got the chance would follow suit. The reasons for the way I came to the earth are so that I stand out from the crowd and a few other things. Technically, I could have gone through Joseph in a procedural sense. My version was screwing that seeing as how that was not the plan. Why not, you could ask? You ought to
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