Biblical And Contemporary Views Of Marriage And Family

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Biblical and contemporary views of marriage and family


In this postmodern society, it is not easy to establish a strong marriage and a strong family. One of the main reasons for this tendency is the changed view of marriage as a companionship grounded on individual 's freedom and self-fulfillment rather than as a social institution designed to meet economic needs and provide a place for rearing children. However, as people tend to expect more personal freedom and fulfillment in their marriage, they ironically result in a weak marriage, marriage breakdown or divorce. (Balswick) On top of that, the prosperity and success seeking culture of today plays a part. Anyone who is not a winner is regarded as a loser and the winner achieves happiness based on a mixture of status and possessions. Even though this world of successful, rich, happy, eternally young people is not real, the quest for it causes negative side effects to Christian marriage (John Snow). The purpose of this essay is to recapture a biblical view of marriage to deal with the dilemma of today’s marriage.

Some biblical points in relation to marriage

Marriage is viewed as a unity of two distinctly differentiated spouses as God is a unity of three distinct divine Persons in relationship. Therefore, from a biblical viewpoint, relationality in marriages is an important feature. “The relational nature in marriage is analogous in human form to the divine Trinity. As the father, the Son, and the Holy…

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