Biblical And Theological Address By Martin Luther King Jr.

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7 Biblical and Theological Rationale “What I'm saying to you this morning is communism forgets that life is individual. Capitalism forgets that life is social. And the kingdom of brotherhood is found neither in the thesis of communism nor the antithesis of capitalism, but in a higher synthesis. It is found in a higher synthesis that combines the truths of both. Now, when I say questioning the whole society, it means ultimately coming to see that the problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation...are all tied together. These are the … evils that are interrelated.”[footnoteRef:1] …Now we realize that dislocations in the market operation of our economy and the prevalence of discrimination thrust people into ...constant or frequent unemployment against their will. [1: The Southern Christian Leadership Presidential Address by Martin Luther King Jr., 16 August 1967.] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, quotation gives this researcher pause to consider it within the 21st century economic context and argues that the Wall Street, and corporate priests of the Market God are continually teaching, preaching and evangelizing a religion and theology to continuously disenfranchise and maintain consumers and particularly communities of African-American ancestry in economic bondage.[footnoteRef:2] Additionally, explicitly and implicitly Dr. King's is historically rooted in a theology recognizing that the poor or marginalized accruing economic empowerment is useless, unless it is
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