Biblical Community Research Paper

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Larry Newman once said, “I don’t know how people can easily remain Christian if they get no fellowship. They may be able to do it intellectually, but part of the body of man is composed of spirit and parts of soul and flesh” (Julian 91). Biblical community is important to a Christian’s spiritual formation, emphasized in the 21st century through several methods, and is even mentioned in the Old and New Testament. Biblical community can be defined in several ways, and the way an individual decides to define it is crucial. One definition of Biblical Community is “a reflection of the oneness of God expressed as the body of believers united by the common ground of the Cross of Christ, and committed to loving God and each other, growing and serving…show more content…
It will affect every area and aspect of ministry in the church. It will change how one leads, organizes, hires staff, and even budgets. It also impacts the way one will view leadership development (Donahue and Robinson 23). For example, if an individual is a pastor at a church and he/she builds a strong community with his/her board members and deacons they will be more than likely to follow him/her and respect them since they are intentional about creating a strong community of fellowship. If he/she has a community behind them, it will fuel their motivation to be the leader that the board, deacons, and whole church needs and wants to look up…show more content…
One word that sums it all up: small groups. Small groups can be defined as, “a voluntary, intentional gathering of three to twelve people regularly meeting together with the shared goal of mutual edification and fellowship” (McBride 24). Small groups can be broken up into four different categories: process-oriented groups- central focus is on the spiritual and/or social relationships among the members, content-oriented groups- consists of Bible study and discussion groups, task-oriented groups- primary goal to accomplish a defined task, job, or assignment, and need-oriented groups- primary reason of this group is a common need among the members; otherwise known as support or recovery groups (McBride 65). A small groups purpose is to make healthy disciples of Christ and to help lead people to a balanced and healthy life (Gladen
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