Biblical Counseling Essay

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Biblical Counseling vs. Secular Counseling
CCOU 201-D11 LOU: Introduction to Christian Counseling
Liberty University
24 April 2013

There is a need for effective biblical counseling now more than ever. As the world progresses to the stages prophesized anarchy God’s people as well as lost souls need the appropriate direction in life. Crabb clearly states in his introduction that the purpose his book, Effective Biblical Counseling, is to incorporate the principles and aspects of Christian counseling into the local churches (Crabb, 1977, p. 13). The tenets outlined in the text apply sound Biblical doctrine in conjunction with advanced psychological techniques. The intent of this paper is to enable the
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95). However, the client must choose to allow the Holy Spirit to work in his/her life. God meets our basic need completely. Crabb states that an individual derives a feeling of significance based on who he/she is in Christ (Crabb, 1977, p. 70). God has seen to it that every believer has an integral part in His service. Anyone who accepts Christ as his/her Lord and Savior receives God’s most precious gift, which is His unconditional love. God meets our security needs with the most wonderful tenderness, care, and internal fulfillment. Christians are able live life with fullness rather than through deficit motivations (Crabb, 1977, p. 84). No matter what therapy one chooses, he/she may be successful in identifying unmet needs, determining causes and effect of irrational protective behaviors, and maintaining an effective on-going treatment plan but never will have total satisfaction and contentment unless he/she totally surrenders to God (Diagram from 72).
Crabb spends a great deal of time discussing how problems develop. He defines the irrational protective behaviors of guilt, anxiety, and resentment as preneurotic experiences (Crabb, 1977, pp. 132 - 133). He further states that it is a preneurotic individual’s objective to overcome his/her obstacle and reach their goal. Complete neurosis occurs when a person develops and presents symptom(s) that would keep him/her from lowering their self-esteem below its current state,
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