Biblical Inspiration By Howard Marshall

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This book review is from the readings of Biblical Inspiration by Howard Marshall. The book is published by Regent College Publishing located in Vancouver, and British Columbia published the book in 2004. The book is braces around the interpretation of the Bible, and the inspiration of the Bible in our lives of today. There are many questions that are brought up the book, and these include: Is the Bible infallible? How do we interpret the Bible today? is its inspiration believable in and biblical criticism believable? All of the different opinions on biblical issues equivalent to these bring up issues and questioning within the community. It is Marshall’s goal to try and produce a statement that is concrete of what the Bible says in our lives today. Biblical Inspiration has five different key components. The first components is Marshall talking about how God exposes himself to society. Marshall wanted to make it obvious that this controversy is based for of his readers, and these readers have some kind of belief in God, and the realness of him. After this Marshall starts to talks about the question that is raised. This question is is God reveals himself in different ways, and can one of these ways be in the Bible? Marshall made it apparent that he believed God revealed himself quite obviously in the Bible, and was a very important tool for God to reveal himself to us. Marshall confirmed this when he said, “Christians do experience such moments of revelation as
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