Biblical Leadership : The Foundation

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Plenty of contributions have been made to biblical leadership and the need for such in the Church. In order to understand better the challenges facing small churches concerning leadership, it is important to consider the biblical mandate for such. Looking at key areas such as Biblical leadership’s Foundation, Form, Fundamentals and Function helps draw application for the small church. The purpose is not to develop an exhaustive description and study of biblical leadership. Rather, the purpose is to acknowledge God’s design for church organization and spiritual leadership. A compilation of material on church organization from well studied authors on this subject helps to understand God’s design in these areas. Biblical Leadership: The Foundation A foundation is extremely important to a house. The whole structure relies upon the solidity of the foundation. It is no surprise that Jesus uses the foundation of a house to illustrate the need for a proper foundation in our spiritual lives (Matthew 7:24-27). All things in life need to be built on a foundation. For the Christian, the foundation is the Word of God. It should come as no surprise, the Bible also builds a foundation for leadership in the local church. The church is built upon the foundation laid out in the Bible. Ed Wharton teaches the concept of a distinctive pattern of New Testament Christianity in his book, The Church of Christ. The design for the church is found in the pattern laid out in Scripture. Wharton
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