Biblical Perspective of Generosity and Its Effect on Christian Character Development

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This paper will examine several Scriptural passages from both Old and New Testaments with respect to their teachings about the role of generosity. It aims to discuss and analysis the biblical perspective of generosity on its source and its challenges for the today's Christian society. It will be argued that a common theme in all of the passages is a concern with generosity as a Christian virtue.
This paper does not envelop critical evaluation because of the limitation of resources and the limitation of the paper requirement. This paper will explain the basic biblical ideas concerning God's Generosity and how it implies to human
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c. The Apostolic Ministry (Early Church)
Charged with the same Fire and passion, the apostles continued to preach the gospel after the resurrection. They did not take lightly what they had been taught and seen during three days with their master. On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit took charge of the church, the few that were gathered in the room were increased to about three thousand. "The members began to consider their responsibility with reference to properties." (Responsible Christian Giving, Michael L. Speer, 84). The believers shared everything they had, they sold their possessions and goods and gave them to anyone in need among them (Acts 2:42-47). They also took into special notice that the widows were not overlooked in anyway (Acts 6:1-6). Barnabas, wealthy man sold his field and brought the money and laid it at the apostles' feet for the cause of the church (Acts 4:36-37). It is significantly seen that "one of the practical features in this church and community concerned their gifts to the poor." (Resources Unlimited, Ed. By William L. Hendricks, Tithing in the NT, H. Franling Paschall,172). John and James in their epistles also encouraged that the human needs among the believers be met (1 John 3:17, Jas. 2:15-16). The apostle Paul was also interested in the poor. He took part in the great movement to raise funds for the poor of the church

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