Biblical Philosophy Of Team Building And Managing Conflict

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Biblical Philosophy of Team Building and Managing Conflict

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December 15, 2014 Introduction
Teams take on all shapes and sizes. It seems as if you don’t have to look very far to see both the importance and impact that teams have on almost every aspect of life as we know it. Those who learn how to properly harness the power of teamwork understand how it can create an incredible opportunity and potential for progress and accomplishment. Teams that find the ability to work together with a sense of unity and common vision seem to produce at high levels of effectiveness. Teamwork also, however, can create environments where conflict and challenge can easily arise and hinder the ability to work together with effectiveness. Patrick Lencioni states, “As difficult as it is to build a cohesive team, it is not complicated.” As simple as it may be, for many leaders the ability to build, develop and properly utilize teams is a challenge. For church ministry leaders, the ability to build and develop teams and manage conflict are vital skill sets that must be invested in to understand and develop. In the pages ahead I plan to explore from a biblical perspective of why the building and development of teams is so important, and some of the challenges that…
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