Biblical Principles For Righteous Living

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Theology has a direct association with faith aligned and relative to God. An adversary to faith is fear and doubt. The two antagonists discredit ones’ acceptance that God is faithful and can do all things but fail. Learning the process to achieve the best results possible is essential because it is a personal asset. One must be attentive to explanation, conscious to personal experiences, and applied to the educational material to increase strength in the development of achievement. Theology Explained Personally, theology comprehended to be the study of biblical principles for righteous living. Looking further to getting the correct meaning of theology, Merriam-Webster states it is, “Learning about faith, and the practice principles and…show more content…
Simultaneously, believing it has already come to a reality. Faith is a humble stance. It is a good time to draw near to God as in a personal relationship, while one is waiting.The greater the desire and the expectation offers a better chance of improved faith. Sometimes challenging the faith of a person is a process God actually uses to increase faith. For instance, at a time during this season of unemployment searching for work had developed into a constant thing. Many applications were submitted and several scheduled interviews the results were disappointing. Unfortunately, the interview process seemed promising and exciting, but later, the updating emails of notifications concerning the positions of advertisement had been occupied by other candidates. This experience has caused much sorrow and grief. During a pity party and weeping, it turns out to be an opportunity to pray about the situation. The results of praying invoked a response from God. Sharing the message from God can be enlightening. He said, ” Have He not taken care of everything in the past just as before He will do it again. And the work He has planned does not require a job.“ The message was overwhelming and also a pleasure, to be chosen for an assignment by God. This is confirmation God truly have a plan for the life of every person. The waiting is vital to strengthening ones’ faith, endurance, and patience. Although the wait can be frustrating, obedience is better than sacrifice.
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