Biblical Qualifications for Church Leadership

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Liberty Theological Seminary Biblical Qualifications for Local Church Leadership A Research Paper Submitted to Dr. Hester In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Systematic Theology II THEO 530 By Craig R. Jackson 5 July 2010 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Executive summary 3 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 New Testament leaders 5 3.0 Address to Titus 6 4.0 Qualifications for Local Church Leaders 7 4.1 Blameless 7 (a) Family of the Leader or Elder 7 (b) Not overbearing 9 (c) Temperance 9 (d) Sobriety 10 (e) Gain 11 4.2 Hospitability 12 (a) Loving what is good 12 (b) Temperance 13 (c) Uprightness 14 (d) Holiness…show more content…
Leaders are appointed to serve here on earth on behalf of Christ since Christ is the good and chief shepherd. Leaders should lead the believers based on how Christ related with the church when he was on earth[5]. Shepherds had to feed the people of God and to protect them from predators[6]. Churches today ought to do things how the New Testament churches did[7]. The New Testament leaders are an example of how church leaders of today should also behave and work[8]. They ought to be able to teach, guide the believers in the way of God and nurture their spiritual gifts. The New Testament leaders had to boldly defend the word of God in case of any false teaching. Basing on this New Testament leadership, it is important to make sure that any believer appointed to the leadership office has the laid down qualifications[9]. Address to Titus In the book of Titus, Paul addresses Titus on how to carry out the task of choosing church leaders. Paul wrote to him so as to challenge him in the way he ought to go. He did this as he was almost leaving Titus behind to go on with the work of God. Titus was to be left with the duty of finishing the work that was pending in Crete. He was charged with the task of appointing leaders for the churches in every town by laying down particular qualifications for the local church leaders[10]. According to the qualifications, it is apparent that the character of a leader matters a lot. The qualifications are divided into
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