Biblical References of the Matrix Essay

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Biblical References of the Matrix In their film, The Matrix, Andy and Larry Wachowski have included many literary allusions and symbols to enhance the appeal of this groundbreaking science fiction film. As incredible as the special effects and cinematography are in this film, the Wachowski brothers have significantly bolstered the appeal of The Matrix by an elaborately constructed story spanning time and reality. These allusions and symbols include references from infamous writers such as Lewis Carol, Jung, John Bunyan and Descartes. However, the most meaningful and abundant references come from The Holy Bible.1

When the trailer for this film was first introduced to the public, many expected The Matrix to be just
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The main plot of The Matrix is that Artificial Intelligence has taken over humanity. These human-created machines now harvest humans in crops in order to provide energy for them to survive. It is known that the human body cannot survive without the mind, so the Artificial Intelligence has designed a computer-generated world in which the human mind can live and survive. This computer-generated world is known as the Matrix. "It is a computerized simulation of life as we know it, or we imagine we know it. What the movies postulates is a version of virtual reality so vast and tentacular as to encompass the entire globe."3 The story line of this film suggests that humans are not really living a "real" life. It suggests that no human has every used their eyes, ears, muscles, or any other sense. As Laurence Fishburne’s character, Morpheus, puts it; "the matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control, in order to change a human being into [a battery]."4 Realizing that the main characters of this film are a few of the only humans functioning in the real world as we know it now, there must be some form of artificially created authority. These authority figures are known as agents and the main agent in
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