Biblical Studies: Doctrine of the Christian Church

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The doctrine or belief that God is actively involved with His creation plays a large role in the way in which people particularly members of the Christian Church and people in general interact with those within a chosen vocation. On a fundamental level, this notion implies a degree of deference, if not outright reverence, that people have for those within a certain vocation. Additionally, this doctrine helps to reinforce the feeling and manifestations of faith in the person participating in a certain vocation, which merely helps to magnify the faith that adherents have to a particular religion. Ultimately, the conception that God is involved with his creations helps to associate some of the beneficent qualities of God towards those of a particular vocation, such as a priest, which serves to provide a divine foundation upon which the various entities and components of the Christian church are based. The first of these three points may be the most eminent, especially since it is discernible in individuals both within and outside of the Christian faith. People tend to associate those within religious vocations with notions of faith and the divinity itself. Thus, whether a priest is counseling parishioners about local ordinances related to religion or merely conversing with someone while waiting for his car to be serviced, he is going to command a great deal of respect. Although there have been some priests and clergymen who have engaged in actions that clearly are not
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