Biblical Theme Of The Old Testament V. New Testament

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Thematic Biblical Theme
An Analysis of 'Son of Man ' perceptions in the Old Testament v. New Testament
Alejandro Londono
6 Nov 2014

The term Son of Man is translated differently by the prophets, apostles, and people of the Old Testament when compared to how the term is viewed in the New Testament. In analyzing how the terms are perceived during these times, it becomes possible to trace the theme of the Son of Man, and how it was viewed in the Old Testament, to how the Son of Man has been viewed in the New Testament. In observing these differences, one can clearly see the term had similar meanings, but was represented in a different fashion, depending on the peoples and circumstances of the time period. In analyzing these occasions in which the term Son of Man is used throughout the two testaments, it will become clear as to their intended, and actual interpretations.

In the Old Testament, it is Ezekiel who is the 'protagonist, ' in a sense. This becomes apparent, because Ezekiel plays such a vital role to the message behind the books of the Old Testament. Ezekiel was a man as God had intended, and can also be viewed as the coming savior in the Old Testament (Morris Henry, Ph.D., 1-3). The importance of Ezekiel is soon observed, and as noticed in chapter 2, verse 1 of the book Ezekiel of the Old Testament, God commands Ezekiel to stand, so that he may be commissioned as a prophet for the peoples of Israel (UcoG,
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