Biblical Theology Of Family Ministry

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Biblical theology of family Ministry __________________ A Paper Presented to Dr. W. Ryan Steenburg The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary __________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for 45260 V __________________ by Indra Koirala November 15, 2015 BIBLICAL THEOLOGY OF FAMILY MINISTRY I still remember the time of my childhood when peace in my family was only a myth! My dad used to come home badly drunk almost every evening, and his entry to our home was the most frustrating and frightening thing I have ever experienced in my childhood. And I was growing under his parenting. However, the situation in my family changed dramatically when my parents decided to convert into Christianity in 1993. I cannot explain how my father changed himself from being a problem of the family to being a solution of the problem in the family, but I know his decision to follow Jesus made this possible. I was ten years old when I attended the church for the first time. From this time onward, I never had to fear that my father might come home drunk, and create disharmony in the family. Everything started happening just the opposite. He became a God-fearing man. He taught us to love God, pray to God, and follow the instructions from the words of God. My parents raised my siblings and me by providing us a godly home. Daily family devotional time, scripture reading, attending Sunday school, and worship service every week became our family
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