Biblical Truths Of The Christian Bible

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I) We unequivocally acknowledge the Christian Bible as the inspired-written Word of the living God given to humanity by way of dual authorship human and Divine for the purpose of revealing God the Father and His will for humankind; therefore comprehending the Godly priority and importance of knowing and obeying its truths; we are passionately committed to teaching Scripture in truth with clarity and do diligence under the anointing and the illuminating light of the Holy Spirit with the divine authority of the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior
II) Furthermore, we are fully convinced that our Divine-calling mission and central goal of the body of Christ and to all who have ears to hear is the continual in parting of Biblical truths. Henceforth when the Word of God is preached in expository fashion and systematically taught in line with sound doctrine to the children of God, the servants of Christ become fully equipped with the truth of Scripture that is mature in sound doctrine; thus, not deceived and tossed to and fro by the wiles of the devil through the cunning craftiness of his demonic ministers who twist the plain truth about Scripture by teaching the false doctrines of demons therefore by the consistent teaching of Biblical truth the servants of God will become thoroughly equipped to do the work of the ministry, thus manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Ghost; whereby glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, by exalting his death,
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