Biblical View On Homosexuality And Religion

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Biblical view on Homosexuality In the bible God divinely established the institution of marriage, and this is seen in the garden of Eden during creation. Marriage was a special gift to man from a loving God before the fall that led to evil and pervasion entering the spiritual world of man. Marriage was designed by our creator to give satisfaction to a person’s deepest longings for intimacy, love, appreciation and care. The views of marriage between Christians and Jews are fundamentally different and show the different ways that they view the world in relation to how they interpret their own doctrine and how these views are changing over time. According to the Christian doctrine, reasons why people get married and traditional marriages are becoming diminished at a faster rate than ever as the culture changes. This is very true for contemporary culture, law, and society. A growing influence in secular ideologies and practice are undermining biblical standards in family relations and sexual morality. Marital unfaithfulness, spousal abuse, sex before marriage, cohabitation, pornography, and promiscuity; these among other liberated lifestyles of married couples are bringing down the intuition of marriage. Moreover, alternative sexualities like homosexuality included and other varieties of transgender identities are becoming increasingly mainstream. In the course of years, the strict Christian community and Orthodox Judaism have responded to this rapidly changing landscape
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