Biblical Violence And Religious Violence

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Biblical violence is a difficult subject matter to comprehend, and it may raise questions to those who read the Old Testament. Some of which include: questioning God’s actions and why God is portrayed engaging in various acts of violence. You can’t help but wonder, is biblical violence necessary? There is evidence of biblical violence can be seen scattered throughout history, in artwork, movies, politics, and especially various elements of popular culture. There are several arguments for each case ranging from “the bible is too violent” to “legitimizing biblical violence,” most of which are very compelling. I would like to talk about the legitimization aspect of biblical violence in film by responding to this article. If you take a look at the Old Testament, it is clearly littered with violence, more specifically, a violent God. Although I don’t agree with legitimizing the actions of a violent God, the arguments made to defend the use of violence of film in the Bible are well constructed and agreeable. The objective of this article serves to defend violence in the Bible by representing it in popular culture as apologetic. These five defensive mechanisms addressed in this article include: deletion, addition, minimization, maximization, and reconfiguration. While reading this article, I kept trying to think of films I have seen that utilize some of these qualities, and The Prince of Egypt came to mind almost immediately, ironically enough this film was also mentioned in…
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