Biblical Words Related On Counseling

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Biblical Words Related to Counseling This portion of the presented literature examines three Biblical words related to counseling. The words being examined in this portion consist of counsel, wisdom, and help. These words will be examined using Blue Letter Bible (2012), Strong’s Concordance, and Vine 's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. The theme associated with Biblical words related to counseling unified in concept. This concept is the liberation, or victory, from troubles and sin to becoming wise through counsel from God, or spiritually mature counselees. Counsel According to, the word “counsel” appears 74 times in the New American Standard Bible (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). However, due to several translations, the word counsel can be found in the Bible over 200 times (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). In the other fourteen versions of the Bible listed on, the primary word counsel can be seen from twenty four times to one hundred and thirty nine times (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). The New American Standard Bible holds seventeen Hebraic version of the word counsel (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). Strong’s Number matches the most frequent Hebraic translation of counsel, ya`ats, eighty eight times in seventy-four verses in the Hebrew concordance of the New American Standard Bible (Blue Letter Bible, 2012). The word ya’tas is commonly used as a verb, yet frequently translates to counsel, counselor, and consult (Blue Letter Bible,
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