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Kyle Hevey | Critical Essay: ISU Museums Exhibits Three current exhibits on display in the ISU Museums are: “Red,” “Parallels: The Architecture of Impermanence,” and “Creative by Nature.” “Red” is an exhibit with varying mediums all involving the color red on display at the Christian Petersen Art Museum. “Red” invoked a much stronger feeling on me than any other art exhibit I have been to. Being in one room where mostly everything is one color is powerful. “Parallels: The Architecture of Impermanence,” an exhibit of drawings and painting by Joe Patrick on display at the Brunnier Art Museum. “Creative by Nature,” an exhibit consisting of pieces from the Inuit culture, also located at the Brunnier Art Museum. Both exhibits at the Brunnier…show more content…
I find it really interesting how the artist was able to produce such detail and depth using multiple shades of red and a few other colors, namely white, black, green, and possibly brown. Also, equally, if-not-more, interesting is what Shotwell did with the shadow in the background. She has framed it. I have interpreted the frame to possibly be a reflection of the camera’s lense that she has taken the picture with. If this is what she intended then I think it is brilliant because it adds depth and opens up the possibility of differing viewer interpretations. One more piece at “Red,” was able to make me feel similar to how I felt when I viewed “Big Red,” and that was “Footed Red.” “Footed Red,” by Priscilla Kepner Sage is an extremely tall (96in), stitched fabric sculpture. The piece looks like a column with a small, tightly compacted base and a top that has exploded out producing intricate twists and curls with thread draped across many of the exploded “branches.” The top and base are connected in the middle by many strings stretching many feet. The entire piece is monochromatic, using only one shade of red. The piece symbolizes the connection between the earth and the sky. The earth (the base) is very tightly connected together. The sky (the top) is spread across the atmosphere for as far as the eye can see. I believe it did a good job trying to symbolize the connection between the earth and the sky. Also, I really
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