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The purpose of this paper is to display my knowledge of constructing an annotated bibliography. This annotated bibliography consists of the five articles from journal set A. The annotation covers evidence based practices and issues with the field of psychology such as lack of services, cost and, quality of care. Each annotation addresses the strength of the article, the purpose of the article, the relevance to the field of psychology and its uniqueness. The paper is a very brief synopsis of the article as well as a critique. It is not as concise as a literature review.
Keywords: evidence based practice, issues with the field of psychology, mental health services,

Annotated Bibliography
Set A: Critical thinking about evidence-based practice:
Clark, D. M. (2013). Developing and disseminating effective psychological treatments: Science, practice and economics. Canadian Psychology, 54, 12-21. doi: 10.1037/a0031258 The purpose of this article it to educated readers about the English Improving Access to Psychological Therapies attempt to address the issue of the lack of mental health providers and increasing evidence base practices for depression and anxiety disorder. This article examines the interplay between theory, experimental psychopathology, and treatment development that characterizes portions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy research. In addition, it discusses the attempt to disseminate evidence-based therapies to the general public. It does this by
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