Bibliology And Apologesis Essay

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go” (Seuss, 27).

At the end of this course, it has become apparent to me that a person must know what they believe, but perhaps more importantly, why they believe it. An overarching narrative that stands out from this course is the prominence of practical apologetics. Specifically, in terms of theology and our exploration of many differing theologies, I am convinced of the need of three things. First, there is a need for strong Bibliology with solid hermeneutical reasoning. Second, an understanding of Theology Proper, specifically relating to knowing God as He has revealed Himself. And lastly, a mentor trained in theology that can offer guidance and support. Since we read of several different theologies, I will limit my writing to these areas stressed in the thesis. As to what effect this course will have on my life and ministry, some of the views discussed have made me see a vital need for effective writing against these theologies.
Throughout Church history, there have been many views of Scripture. As early as A.D. 140, Marcion rejected the Old Testament and only saw Luke’s Gospel with omissions and ten of Paul’s letters as Scripture (Shelley, 62-63). In one of the
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I like an analogy of authentic money and counterfeit money related to theology. An inspector in the counterfeiting department of Scotland Yard was asked how much time is spent studying counterfeit money. The inspector replied that more time is devoted to handling authentic money, so that when phony money is introduced it can be detected (Lauie, A21). That being said, my beginning quote from Dr. Seuss remains true; there is value in exploring differing theology. These explorations will aid in my opening statement; it is important to know what and why you believe what you
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